Monthly Archives: February 2008

Who is Sharliza?

Looking Sideways – An eccentric look at sales and marketing – Who is Sharliza? I was paging through abou Time (Vol 5 No 2), the 1Time inflight magazine on a flight to Cape Town, recently. An article by PR Worx, First Female Pilot For 1time Airline, caught my eye. 1time Airline recently announced the addition of the first female pilot to its ranks. Sharliza van Heerden is the first woman in 1time history to pilot […]

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When Good Copywriters Go Bad

When Good Copywriters Go Bad I’ve always been a fan of reading and keeping up-to-date with both history and current affairs. As a direct marketing copywriter, I get some of my best ideas from these sources. Because I want my copywriting to have impact it is difficult for me to write because I’m almost always nervous that I will serve up a thin soup of intellectually bereft copy. I love reading the work of good […]

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